A robust AAA server is a primary requirement to boost the evolution ushered in by the launch of new services and a
burgeoning subscriber base.


While WiFi makes data accessible without any hassle, without long wires and cables, a number of security issues crop up that need attention. In unsecured WLAN environments, hackers can barge in the internal network illegally leading to huge data loss and theft, modification of data in transit, malware insertion attacks, bandwidth loss and the like. Secure WiFi services is mandatory by law, especially in public places including restaurants, malls, rail stations, and even on the enterprise network.

AAA (Authentication, authorization, and accounting)

The AAA framework ensures intelligent control of WiFi accessibility and enforces policies, audits and reports for billing and subscriber management.

With Ripple’s AAA module, admins can centrally manage subscriber authentication and allocate a designated level of service too. It is a vendor agnostic module and a solution offering encryption and key rotation based on IEEE 802.1x and WPA/ WPA2 standards.

The AAA module is blessed with value-added functionality for Wi-Fi networks with advanced authentication features, session management options, intelligent roaming attributes, advanced APIs, security features, IPv6 support and more. It aligns efficiently with the best-of-breed infrastructure and gateway vendors, thus delivering a hassle-free, vendor-independent deployment.

User Login Methods Supported

Features and Attributes

The tracked usage can be presented with comprehensive reports for security audits, compliance measures and for fulfillment of legal requirements for Public WiFi.

Salient Benefits