Key Drivers

  • Integrating budgeting and planning process to centralized application.
  • Know your business with key metrics report
  • Better decision making process by eliminating guess work.
  • Fast answer to any business query.
  • Enable real time analysis with quick navigation.
  • Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Ripple’s Wi-Fi Analytics is a brilliant data visualization engine aiding operators with network information and its business analysis deriving intelligence about network and business performance in totality.

The module includes a pre-integrated and interoperable service management platform with ability to collate historic and predictive data with ability to archive all sorts of details thus rendering a competitive advantage to network hosts and clients.

Salient Features

With Ripple’s Analytics, hotspot vendors can get easy access to historical network trends and location-specific information including user profiles, demographics, location, device type, data usage duration, etc.

Salient Benefits