Ripple Module for Campaign Management delivers comprehensive advertising features for your WiFi network, engaging users with targeted content, aided by scheduling and location targeting attributes to deliver relevant ad messages to relevant users at the right time.

Ripple Campaign also integrates seamlessly with other modules enabling clients to run custom advertising campaigns over a period of time. One can generate revenue from the WiFi network with several innovative monetization features, especially when the business model does not acquire subscribers on a periodic basis.

Ripple monetizes its Wi-Fi services with tailored mobile ads that are aligned with user profiles and their location. The ads are powered with the help of RESTful APIs for Revive Adserver that deliverremote communication from any app to Revive Adserver using REST architecture.

The user-friendly module for campaign management also helps users to log into the service with existing social media accounts, with ads customized to their tastes only. Advertisers benefit with large-scale hyper-targeted campaigns, within a specific location like a café or a shopping mall. Modification of data in transit, malware insertion attacks, bandwidth loss and the like. Secure WiFi services is mandatory by law, especially in public places including restaurants, malls, rail stations, and even on the enterprise network.

Salient Features

Salient Benefits

  1. Data Capture
    • Get comprehensive information on diverse buying behavior through customizable survey forms.
    • Set mandatory questionnaire or surveys to answer before login access
    • Capture demographic data for wide customer database building.
  2. Campaigns
    • Introduce wide variety of elements in ads to engage audience even leveraging special offers to specific visitors
    • Schedule campaigns to targeted users based on their location and movement
    • Create campaigns that specifically reward repeat customers with additional offers
  3. Reporting for ROI
    • Leverage the wealth of information on visitors with actionable insights derived from diverse reports
    • Quick and easy dashboard style overviews with full slice and dice capability to make sense of the audience and take real-time decisions
    • Tailor reports based on new users and return users along with device type and browser versions
  4. Targeted Content
    • Location-specific ads will help increase engagement with local users with relevant brands too.
    • Make sense of relevant audience and their consumption behavior with frequent short surveys.