Enterprise management is a pivotal module in Truconnect ensuring that the carrier Wi-Fi consists of multiple sites distributed across multiple demographics. It renders visual access to all hotspot sites and its branched levels can operate at individual sites with specific functions that deliver easy visualization, creation and management of hotspot sites.

Each site can be a physical or logical location/s with specific captive portal pages at every branch. Every level beneath the branch can supersede individual level actions. The enterprise structure has individual analytics module by users for the same level with specific criteria.

The Enterprise Management module controls the enterprises featuring Wi-fi hotspots with specific user types including Admin, Super Admin and others. The module enables enterprise-wide access management that controls various functions within the portal.

TruConnect’s module also handles multiple users, allowing access to the portal and also manages user accounts in terms of accessibility restrictions to specific feature sets. Each enterprise can be managed and supervised by one admin or assign one admin per branch or space. The rights assigned for accessing the portal depends on various permissions granted to the users. The features on offer depend on specific access group assigned to each user of the WiFi network system – external guest users and internal authenticated users. Additionally, the monetization model enables specific ads based on user access determined by their choices on splash pages.

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