The flow library module combines diverse layouts consisting of common logic and navigation flow that follow the preferences of enterprise admins. The module combines 2 or more pages, with common logic and flow right from thetemplate flow library to ensure that the users are guided to an intended destination or share the intended details.

The library consists of preconfigured flows derived from pages of common logic and navigation along with layouts. They are preloaded with functions that can be made live quickly, within minutes. This aids the system admins to handle a change in splash pages and functions as required.

Types of Flow Library Usage

The Flow Library can utilize any of the existing flows that enable users to check SMS, fill out surveys, or login through the social media account. The captive portal can load a number of logical pages to entice users and attract them into parting with information. One can get the WiFi services up and running in a couple of minutes while adding maximum value to the brand and company.

Salient Benefits