Ripple is a all-in-one WiFi management system that constitutes a configurable captive portal, radius-based authentication, centralized payment plans, and inbuilt hotspot management. It is Hypervisor agnostic and interoperable with multiple well-known access points like Cisco, Ruckus and Aruba.

Salient Features

Ripple presents a simplified interface for all kinds of business users and can be integrated with varied EDM, CRM, and databases.

Prime Benefits


Build custom and responsive captive portals to attract and engage your customer base with flexible branding options
Advanced AAA functions with session management, intelligent roaming, complex APIs, etc. that go beyond the traditional Authentication, Authorization and Accounting functions
Targeted advertising with monetization features to individual users with scheduling and reporting capabilities
Customizable survey forms during WiFi login process, with multiple choice answers and free text options.
Gain customer behavior insights with the analytics dashboard and KPIs that will help anticipate opportunities and challenges.
Create diverse network profiles within a Wi-Fi network and attach users to specific profiles and even export those profiles elsewhere to extend role-based accessibility to other networks
Enables smartphones and other devices to access WiFi networks without any hassles, through a remote configuration server for device provisioning.
Handles prepaid plans and quotas from WiFi systems for enabling data services to users. This module also introducing volume-based and duration-based charging with minimum price settings and relevant vouchers for ensuring flexible deployment models.
This module aids ISPs, telcos and WiFi service hosts to charge the users with periodic billing at specific pre-ordained rates
Enables clients to develop a personalized Omni-Experience suite for their customers, integrate the portal with social media platforms, or even serve as an ad platform for resellers etc.