Ripple includes the survey management module to manage a variety of surveys allowing WiFi hosts to introduce simple questionnaires or advanced assessments with ease.

For every survey, one can even set diverse conditions and allocate quota of respondents for every type of survey. The module includes an inbuilt template editor that possesses advanced scripting abilities and can be customized to fashion surveys out of the blue.

Salient Features

Aligned with Campaign Management

Customizable survey forms can be an integral part of campaign management module and can be optional or mandatory action of the WiFi login process. Data from the surveys is garnered on the WiFi platform relaying results to the reporting module. One can capture simple demographic data as part of the customer database building process.

Questions can be optional or one of the multi-choice responses from pre-defined options or even as free text. The data including email, contact numbers and profile information is then leveraged for the ad server setup too

Salient Benefits