TruConnect is a revolutionary WiFi management and monetization solution for captive portals that enables Carrier or large scale WiFi providers to let their clients manage portals independently.

The solution enables operators to monetize the WIFI network with an integrated marketing platform that includes ad campaigns, surveys and polls that aid in deriving WiFi customer insights via analytics.

Salient Features

Prime Benefits


Enterprise Management
One can create multiple Enterprises and branches through the module with a branch manager to administrate the enterprise/ branch and forge unique workflows.
Helps users to choose filters and layouts for individual enterprises or branches along with the ability to edit, add, delete and set visibility to the layouts
Configure complete call flow and external connectivity with WMS, Ad servers, Survey engines and the like.
A comprehensive content management system module that supports images, Text and HTML with real-time updates and role based accessibility options.
Leverages location information and helps create branded & responsive captive portals quickly, incorporating multiple authentication methods within ads, surveys, hotspot usage etc.
Combines multiple layouts preloaded with functions and preconfigured navigation paths ensuring users are guided to an intended destination based on their profiles.
Helps admins with template design creation, management and customization through an efficient drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor.